An ionann Margaíocht agus Teicneolaíocht Chomhionann?

professorfrinkXNUMXDo you have to be a teicneolaíocht expert to be a leader in margaíocht? Marketing and technology seem to have converged over the last twenty years.

Even copywriters need to understand how people read pages – performing A/B testing, recognizing whitespace usage, and viewing heat maps. Brand managers distribute branding guides that are composed of pixel widths, relevant colors and associative words to the brand… all tested and proven with technology. Direct marketers have to understand dynamic print and database marketing.

These are just a few of the examples, but it's fascinating to me that the Vice President of Marketing in today's world has to be much more in tune with the capabilities and feedback loops available with technology than they did many years ago.

I remember walking into a VP's office once when I worked at a newspaper and they said, “What is it that a Database Marketing Manager does?” That was almost XNUMX years ago and I was absolutely shocked! In all honesty, that person understood word association, copy writing and page layouts… nothing else. They also didn't last long…

While most companies grow and the job gets funneled into more definition, the Marketing leader has expanded. Even the web marketing management has to understand leas iomlán a bhaint inneall cuardaigh, search engine marketing, design, brandáil, optimization comhshó, cóip-scríobh, A tástála / B, Analytics, heat mapping… to name a few!

Are you a marketing leader who doesn't depend on technology? I'd love to hear some arguments to this. I don't believe a marketing leader has to know the nitty gritty of these technologies nor how to implement them… they have resources for that. However, having an understanding of the technologies seems a must in my book.


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    If you aren’t using technology in Marketing you are behind and losing out on tremendous efficiency and opportunity! For marketing to be truly effective, it HAS to equal technology to drive results. My two cents….

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    You won’t hear me arguing against having to understand and embrace technology. Quite the contrary. It is a requirement to understand technology and it’s accretive applications against everything you do as a marketer. If the head of marketing and the head of IT can?t speak the same language chances for success will be few an far between. .

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    Absolutely agree with you, Douglas. Mark W. Schaefer left this feedback on my blog post titled “Darwinism & Social Media”.

    Today, the speed of change will define nations, peoples and the success of individuals. It is the new evolution. The future does not belong to the fittest but to the most adaptable, those who can figure out how to use technological change for competitive advantage”.


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    Marketers need to understand the dynamics of the technology that delivers their message. But honestly, we need to stay tech agnostics: not married to any particular one, willing to use what connects us to where our customers are today.

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